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Father of the Bride MasterprintFather of the Bride is one of my favourite wedding films. Released in 1991, it is a beautiful movie about family, love, letting go and a wedding!  Although fashionably speaking some aspects of the movie are a bit dated there are still a variety of inspirations that brides to be can get from this film.  

The film, a remake of the 1950’s Spencer Tracey and Elizabeth Taylor classic is set in San Marino, California where a middle class, athletic shoe company owning father, George Banks ( Steve Martin) who is adverse to change, has  a young daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) who has just returned from a study exchange in Rome to announce that she is engaged, after only 6 months of dating her yet to be introduced fiance, Bryan Mckenzie (George Newbern). The father, George, has not quite come to terms with the fact that his daughter is all grown up. As a result as he moves through the process of planning an extravagant wedding he goes slightly insane and gets himself into all sorts of scrapes, exasperated by a kooky and heavily accented foreign wedding planner, Franck Egglehofer (Martin Short) and by the wealth and pets of his new “in-laws” the McKenzies. Withthe good advice of his wife Nina(Diane Keaton), George finally accepts that change has come and his daughter is grown up and the film ends witha beautiful and heartfelt wedding. The film tugs at the heartstrings with its father-daughter relationship set against the background of change manifested through the wedding. There are many funny moments created by the flamboyant wedding planner franck and the need for George, the father of the bride, to keep the wedding costs to a minimum (he gets excited when he finds out a guest they invited was dead), a situation most brides and grooms will find very familiar. The film is a great source of inspiration for brides and grooms to be, as well as being a movie that makes you feel good.



This film can change the way you think about wedding receptions. Having a reception at home is considered to be an unusual choice, but after watching this movie you can learn that it can work beautifully. In the film the entire house is transformed for the reception including the addition of flower beds and swans to waddle at the front of the house. If you have a house with ample size this could definitely be a consideration and by watching the film you can see an example of a wedding at home done right and what is required if you are thinking of having a wedding at home. From moving out all the furniture to placing extra lighting and heating  in the house the film explores this issue wonderfully. Also the way in which the house was decorated is also a great source for ideas if you are planning an at home wedding. The entire house was decorated with flowers including the exterior. Fairy lights were also extensively used.

Wedding at home

The film also made me fall in love with the idea of a marquee for a wedding reception. If you have watched this film, you will know what I am talking about. The marquee is located at the back of the house and is where the eating and dancing takes place. It is beautifully decorated and makes it feel as if you are in another world as opposed to a backyard.  Through the use of fairy lights, candelabras and dark green foliage the film exquisitely creates  elegant reception decor. Marquees always have a special feel, the white and softness of the walls help to create the feeling of elegance and romance, and this is successfully recreated in the film. If you are thinking of having a marquee for your wedding watch this film to get beautiful decorating ideas.

Marquee in the movie


I was also inspired by the beautiful score and songs that feature throughout the film. The music was directed by acclaimed film composer Alan Silverstri.  The movie has a combination of songs and original scores.  There were two major inspirations that I took musically from the film. One is the main song featured in the film,  ”The Way You Look Tonight” adapted by Steve Tyrell and arranged by Alan Silverstri. From the score that leads into to Steve’s interpretation of the song, it swept me up with its jazz and big band notes and to this day I would have to say that this is one of my favourite first dance songs. Its slow and romantic without being overly soppy. In short, a great idea for a first dance song. Listen to it here

Another major inspiration was the song that Annie, the bride, walked down the aisle to, Pachelbel Canon in D. This instrumental music created by Johann Pachelbel in 1680 is often used at weddings but for the entrance of the bridal party, and you will probably recognise it easily. In this film the song played for the procession of the whole party including the bride. It was a perfect choice and this classical music works very well with weddings and inspired me to consider this song for a brides processional entry into church, not just the bridal party.

There is another score within the film directed by Alan Silverstri called “Annie’s Theme” which is a beautiful piece of music which recurs throughout the film. This beautiful piece makes for great background music for a wedding. Consider using it for the background to your wedding, or perhaps during the signing of your marriage certificate by yourself and your witnesses. Listen to it  here:  

Other memorable songs that feature in the film and on the soundtrack include My Girl The Temptations, Chapel of Love The Dixie Cups, (Today I Met) The Boy I am Going to Marry Darlene Love and I’m Your Man David Darling. The soundtrack makes you feel just as feel good as the movie and fits perfectly with the film!

Click on the following to grab your own copy of the soundtrack Father Of The Bride: Music From The Motion Picture

Mother of the Bride

Although some of the wedding fashion is dated, there is still a lot of wedding ideas and themes that can be taken from this film. The Mother of the Bride, played by Diane Keaton, has an amazing cream/gold beaded suit that she wears to the wedding. The square cut suit works perfectly for her role as Mother of the Bride as it is formal yet feminine. This suit would still be in vogue today and  could easily be emulated by Mothers of the Bride.

Signature shoes

In the film, the bride wears athletic running shoes specially made by her dad to her wedding. Wearing unique wedding shoes is a growing trend and this film inspired me to consider and advise people to try for unique shoes on their big day. Due to the nature and length of a wedding dress it is most likely that your guests will not see your shoes so feel free to wear shoes as outrageous  and special to you as you like. It is a nice way to add a signature touch to your wedding. For example if you favourite colour is purple, buck tradition and opt for fabulous purple stilettos!











Wedding Planner

Seeing this film as a young girl, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a career as a wedding planner. I thought all brides organised their wedding themselves. Seeing this film planted the seed in my subconscious that one day I would either be a wedding planner or that I would have one at my wedding. Seeing franck’s (Martin Short) amazing wedding planning store filled with mock table decorations and wedding favours will inspire you also if you are considering becoming a wedding planner or considering hiring one for your wedding.

Annie’s Dress

Although slightly dated, the bride’s dress in this film can be a source of inspiration for winter brides. Waking up to find the world covered with snow on her wedding day, it is lucky that the bride had chosen the her long sleeve lace dress with full skirt. The use of long lace sleeves for winter brides is a perfect choice as bride can keep warm whilst still revealing skin. Another beautiful feature of Annie’s dress is the gorgeous big bow at the front of her skirt. Winter brides can definitely get some great ideas from this wedding dress.

Fob dress


The Church in this film was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles and it inspired me to consider a  focus on church decorations for weddings. Most weddings tend to not place an emphasis on decorations for their church/civil ceremony but bear in mind that this is where the most important part of the day happens, the part where you will actually become husband and wife. Due to the significance of this I believe that brides should try and decorate their church as much as they can. If you cannot afford to decorate both your church and your reception consider using the same decorations for both and save costs by asking relatives to transport the flowers and decorations from the church to the reception place. Also consider artificial flowers for the church/civil ceremony to save on costs. If you have an unlimited budget, look to this film for some great ideas on how to create beautiful church decor.

The church


If you are getting married, or just happen to love watching wedding movies, you should watch this film. Its definitely a feel good wedding flick which can also give you inspiration for your big day! From the funny characters, quirky quotes, romance, family values and to most importantly a wedding this flick will quickly become one of your favourites.

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(source of pics: hookedonhouses, imbd.com)

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